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Smile meets Wonder

in Wyman’s affirming debut.

-Publishers Weekly,

Starred Review

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praise for slouch

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“This fresh, heartfelt slam dunk from Wyman entwines ​enthralling details about debate into a story that probes ​financial precarity and adolescent insecurity. Whip-smart ​prose and potent middle school drama keep the pages ​turning, but it’s the accessible conversation about bodily ​autonomy, consent, privacy, and social media’s influence that ​make this a standout read.”

Publishers Weekly, starred review

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praise for jawbreaker

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about christina

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Christina Wyman is a teacher and writer living in Michigan with her ​husband and their silly rescue cats named Alfred and Greta ​Cannoli―not to mention the raccoons, owls, and hummingbirds that ​occupy a tree outside their bedroom window. She grew up in a tiny ​apartment with her family in Brooklyn, New York, where she dreamed ​of becoming a writer. Her work has been published in New York ​Magazine, The Washington Post, Elle, Ms. Magazine, The Independent, and ​other outlets. Christina is also the USA Today bestselling author of ​the middle grade novels Jawbreaker and Slouch. When she’s not writing, ​you can find Christina stocking up on chocolate or trying to convince ​her husband to adopt more cats. Most recently, she’s developed a ​passion for eating strawberry jam straight out of the jar.

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